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Orchid Pavilion

Orchids are an extremely complex flower, and in that complexity we see symmetry, composition and diversity. After studying the specific conditions for their growth, we understand the need to create a microclimate based on diffused light, adequate wind flow, permeable soils and contact with natural materials. To this end, we created an excavated topography made of stone and sand, which not only reproduces the right humid environment for orchid cultivation, but also allows for a unique spatial experience protected from the outside, but in visual contact with it.

Reflecting the symmetry of the orchids, the pavilion creates a thin canopy of light that organizes the space. The orchids can be hung from the structure or placed with wood bark on the slope of the stone walls containing the excavation, which propose different uses while building a unitary space. The space is fluid enough to allow for a diverse set of furniture arrangements, as well as the possibility of placing panels between the columns.

From a constructive point of view, the structure and its tied joints relate to the wooden constructions of the Oaxaca area; its simplicity contrasts with the complexity of the orchids. The contained atmosphere of the pavilion creates a radical contrast with the vast seascape, complements the other existing buildings and enriches the educational and community program of the complex.

Competition layouts

In collaboration with Annik Keoseyan.
Location: Oaxaca (MX)
Year: 2021