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(Un)Sustainable City:
20 proposals

For the 2020 edition of MEXTRÓPOLI Architecture and City Festival, Arquine invited 20 Mexico City based young architecture practices, to question and reflect on the future of Architecture in relation to the City and the Environment.

We addressed the task by simulating a publicity campaign that focuses on different key aspects related to the past, present and future of the city, based on the 1970’s work by Alfredo Jaar in Chile. The billboards confront the citizen in a clear, direct and personal way, understanding the current crisis not just as an environmental problem, but also a political, socioeconomical and cultural one.

The physical presentation (PechaKucha format) and exhibition of the works, originally planned for March 20 2020 at San Ildefonso Museum in Mexico City, could not take place due to Covid 19. The Festival Organization is looking forward to show it in their 2021 edition.

Online exhibition here

In collaboration with Luis Young.
Location: Mexico City (MX)
Year: 2020